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Talk about your biggest insecurity. Talk about something that happened in high school. Talk about your fetishes. Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.

Talk about your biggest insecurity: My biggest ones in recent years have been my stomach and my teeth. I’m really truly beginning to realize that my stomach is really actually small and I have nothing to worry about, but it curves out from my waist in way that always bothered me. And I’ve had big front teeth for as long as I can remember. I hated the gap between them. I’m on invisalign now though so that’ll be fixed soon. So now probably my face in general I guess is my biggest insecurity? Idk. I have baby-fat cheeks and stuff and a really round face. Im not the biggest fan of my thighs either. Ugh.

Talk about something that happened in high school: I have this scar on my left leg from my freshman year of high school. Me and my friends were in our little ‘hang out spot’ which was this weird outcropping of a building that you had to kind of climb to. My friend Robby said he saw something shiny over the edge and said I should go see what it was. It was just the tab of a soda can. when I was walking back up the brick stairs to climb back up, I tripped and knocked a chunk out of my lower leg. You could like see the bone. I got bandaged up and I went to theatre rehearsal that day and like…I did my job moving heavy set pieces and building shit but it turned out I needed stitches.

Talk about your fetishes: Hmm…Nothing really all that interesting probably. I like being held down. I like being bitten and scratched and having my hair pulled. But like, those are pretty common probably. I’m really bad about talking during sex and I’m trying to get better at it because I know I like being talked to: “You like that?” “You should have let me do this a long time ago.” “Is this good?” and hearing the other person curse or moan. All of those things are things that have been said to me and turned me on like way more. But like…I also like being able to laugh during sex too if stuff doesnt go as planned. Because like…sex is fun as hell but like…its kind of silly too when you think about it and silly stuff happens. And if you are able to laugh about it, its so much less to worry about.

Talk about things you wish you could stop doing: I wish I could stop worrying about things being over: school, life, etc. I worry about the end of college nearly constantly and I have pretty incapacitating existential crises about death every few weeks. Bleh. 

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